My Latest Greatest Beauty Secret: Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

The search for the latest and greatest beauty secrets never ends. There are so many amazing products available that can be used in the comfort of home…but sometimes a gal needs to call in the big guns. AKA…a MED SPA! The world of lasers, injectables, and fat reducing treatments can be quite daunting. A blogger duty I take very seriously, is researching the services I believe to be worth every penny.  I have been paying regular visits to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics over the past few months…and it was love at first laser genesis.

Vitahl is located on Madison Street in the West Loop. The interior is sleek, and decorated with super groovy artwork. The staff is small, which I love. Having someone poke needles into your face is a bit personal…being able to build a relationship with the technicians you are working with is so comforting.

The first service I tried at Vitahl, which hooked me straight away, is the Laser Genesis facial. This procedure is a favorite among many Hollywood A-listers…yes please! The laser works by mildly heating the upper dermis of your skin to stimulate the growth and production of collagen. The laser also targets facial capillaries which helps to diminish redness, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and more icky stuff.  The process is quick and pain free. Below you can find me getting the royal treatment done by Vitahl’s laser master, Fred. Fred is the best to chat with, he makes you feel so comfortable.  He also has flawless skin, which I always find comforting from a skincare professional!  Bonus: there is no downtime after this treatment.

Vitahl offers TruSculptID treatment, which uses radio frequency to heat and permanently destroy fat cells…in 15 flipping minutes! A series of 2 is recommended to achieve the best results possible.  I did one treatment, to be able to share the experience.  When it comes to dealing with pain, I royally suck.  It is slightly uncomfortable as the treatment heats up, but those moments are short, and again the jig is up in 15 minutes! Over 90% of Vitahl clients who treat one area of their body sign up for another. So yes indeed, it works!

If you are looking to dramatically improve your skin, Secret RF is the answer.  Secret RF combines micro needling and radio frequency to efficiently treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scarring, and more!  I tested this treatment out on a Friday afternoon. The staff prepped me to schedule on a day where I could head straight home after, as my skin would be red.  Side note: the warm staff at Vitahl are wonderful at providing all the details on every treatment, so you know exactly what to expect. I was not in any pain afterwards, but I was indeed a not so sexy shade of red. However, by that evening, the redness was miraculously gone.  The photo below was taken the very next day. My skin felt so fresh…and so good!

I once promised myself that if I ever tried Botox, I would never post about it on my blog. Because duh, my mom reads my blog, and she would kill me. Don’t stop loving me Mom! Here’s the dish on Botox: when used properly, it does not change your appearance. It simply softens any unwanted crows feet or lines. And guess what Ma…what I had done is not technically Botox! The Vitahl pros recommended  Neurotoxin. AKA, the new tox on the block. We have all seen those crazy looking ladies that overdid something. I do not advise letting someone like that near your precious face! Caroline is the Vitahl Nurse Practioner. Caroline is feminine, natural, and lovely. She told me herself that she is committed to never over doing any treatment. No one noticed I had Jeuveau except me…and that is how it should be! Same you…just a little bit better:)

That is just a sprinkling of the many innovative treatments available at Vitahl. I can’t recommend this place enough! Mention my blog for the extra VIP treatment. Treat yourself babes…you deserve it!

Glow-Getter (noun):  A driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.


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A Divot Stomping Dream Come True!

I am back today with another edition of summer fun catch up! If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you caught plenty of action from the adventures I am sharing today.  However, the photos are simply too fun to not also be worthy an official blog post. Welcome to my first ever polo match!

Ever since I saw Julia Roberts divot stomp in style in Pretty Women, I have dreamed of attending a Polo Event. Dressed up glam sipping champs in the company of beautiful horses and fancy cars? Yes please! A group of my favorite blogger buddies and I participated in a photoshoot at the Arranmore Farm Polo Club a few weeks back, to promote a big upcoming match.  It was so magical!

The fashion: My polka dot number is by For Love and Lemons. The bombshell blonde next to me, is in a gorgeous green gown is by Akira.

As a thank you for participating in the promotional shoot, we were all invited to attend the match with our significant other.  I managed to get my man out of his standard KISS tee and jeans, and into THIS! What a treat! My slip tank and matching skirt are both by Alice and Olivia, boots by Rebecca Minkoff.

Little ol’ me was invited to start the match off by tossing the first ball. Thanks to the Internet, I learned this role is formally described as a chucker, and is traditionally offered to a “distinguished guest.” What a hoot! I was so nervous! But all went smoothly, and was great fun.

Click the link below to witness the ridiculousness!


“I want the Fairy Tale.”~Pretty Woman


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Be As Bubbly As Your Drink: Sharing my love for Empress 1908 Gin!

Summer sadly, yet happily, flew by this year.  I was presented with many great opportunities via XOXO, and had a hard time not saying YES to most! Modern day problems:) I have been so consumed with events, I have been slacking on actually blogging about them! I am playing catch up this week, and sharing the shenanigans.

First up to bat, I am pleased to introduce y’all to a fantastic cocktail. Empress 1908 Gin is the original, all-natural, color-changing gin.  It is infused with natural botanicals, and its gorgeous deep purple shade transforms to a soft pink when mixers are added.  I never cared for gin until I was introduced to Empress 1908.  The flavor is floral and rich, but not at all strong and boozy.  Added bonus: there is no denying it makes a beautiful cocktail to serve guests!

A fellow rock wife/friend of mine, JoBeth Harrison, works for team Empress. JoBeth and I joined forces and planned an event together, to help spread the good Empress word among my influencer friends. A group of  blogger babes gathered together one evening at my home, and JoBeth served up delicious drinks. The favorite of the evening: The Empress 75. Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Empress gin shaken over ice, strained into a champagne flute and topped with Brut sparkling wine. So refreshing and tasty. If you are like the old me and think gin is not your drink, I challenge you to give this cocktail a try! You can find Empress 1908 in many stores that sell premium spirits, including Binny’s and trusty Target.

“She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair.”~ Kate Spade


Julz Chez


An All American Blogger Dream Come True

I recently struck gold and was presented an opportunity with one of my long time favorite restaurants…McDonald’s!  There is something so nostalgic and all American about those glorious golden arches.  The feeling brings me right back to my childhood.  Summer days were spent swimming at my Momo and Papo’s swimming pool, and Papo was notorious for slipping me cash for McDonald’s ice cream cones on the way home.  On family vacations it was our go-to restaurant on the road, that everyone was always happy with.  I can still hear my mom’s joyful voice ordering up her Big Mac, every time declaring…”I only treat myself to this on vacation, y’all!” To this day, if I am treating myself to fast food, Micky D’s is the only way to go.

A group of my blogger buddies and I, were asked to meet at Chicago’s newest (beautiful!) McDonald’s to sample their new frozen beverages.  Who doesn’t love a cold slushie on a hot summer day? Three fun fizzy flavors are offered- frozen Coca-Cola, Fanta Blue Raspberry, and my personal favorite, Wild Cherry.  Each drink is only 190 calories.  I am proud to say I did not regret one of those calories!

McDonald’s holds an extra special place in my heart because of an extra special person, my Grandpa Bud. Bud Frankel and his amazing wife, Mimi Frankel, were two of my very first personal training clients when I moved to Chicago 12 years ago.  In no time, Bud became much more than my client, he became my Grandpa Bud.  Bud founded a marketing business in the 60’s, Frankel and Co.; whose promotions included introducing the world to the McDonalds’s Happy Meal. He was a pioneer in the industry, and was known by his hundreds of employees, as the most genuinely kind person in the world.  I lost my Grandpa Bud on May 14th. He lived an incredible 89 years, as a wildly successful business man, a devoted and loving family man, a passionate philanthropist, and wonderful friend to many.  I had the good fortune of chatting with Budman the day before he passed.  Within the first 5 minutes of our conversation he asked, “How’s the blog? Send me the latest post!” Even though I primarily post about women’s fashion and beauty, Bud was one of my biggest XO fans.  My topics may not have been relevant to him, but he was so proud of me for creating something on my own.  I miss him every day…and gosh darn it, I wish I could share this post with him!  Here are a couple of shots of Bud and I from this past holiday season, when he and Mimi threw an epic bash for hundreds of his former employees. The theme was plaid, Grandpa Bud rocked these babies for over 60 years! The first shot my husband sneaked is one of my forever favorites.  Bud always appreciated my love of fashion. I can still hear his sweet voice exclaiming…”You look GREAT!”

This ones for you Budman! Who knew the Happy Meal makes for a crazy cute clutch bag!

My husband is a total foodie. He knows food better than anyone I know, and has majorly broadened my Midwestern palette. My foodie of a husband is also a huge fan of  Micky D’s. Of all the many apps on his phone, I am confident the McDonald’s app, which notifies you with their daily deals, is his favorite.  He regularly informs me, with great pride, how inexpensive his delicious Big Mac lunch was.  You can place an order online via the handy McDonald’s app, rock your car up to one of their spots dedicated to online orders, and a server will deliver to the goodness directly to your car window.  My man especially loves utilizing this service on the weekends to scoop up our beloved Egg McMuffins, usually still in his bathrobe.

Last but not least, the fashion.  I love a good theme, so I naturally rolled with the classic McDonald’s red and yellow color palette. Nice work Ronald, I am so into this color combination! My dress is an oldie but goodie by Akira.  My heels are Valentino, a special treat from the Hubs.  Shades and french fry earrings are Randolph Street flea market scores! On the beauty front, a bold red lip and a giant Big Mac are a tricky combination.  I am wearing my go-to crazy long lasting, perfect fire engine red lip stain by Stila, shade Beso.

“Life is short. Wear red lipstick, and eat the Big Mac…with fries”~ME


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5 Years Wifed Up!

My Hubby finds it hilarious, (and possibly a bit ridiculous), that I like to celebrate my entire birthday month. Why limit the fun to one day? June 21st is our 5 year wedding anniversary, and I decided to have the same month long celebratory attitude.

I know most people say marriage is hard.  If the past 5 years is what “hard” is like-keep it coming! Here’s a few tips from my experience as Mrs. Motley Jew.

It’s all in the deets.

I believe that what makes our marriage so great are the million little moments that happen daily.  We have shared loads of fabulous experiences…flying on a private plane with KISS was wild! But it’s the mundane day-to-day moments that make the relationship. We are always kind and respectful to each other.  We are crazy affectionate and lovey dovey. I can’t image treating each other any other way.

Marry your Bestie!

I know this is such a cliche statement, but it is oh so true. You can have all the romantic chemistry in the world, but if you don’t truly enjoy each other’s company, the jig is bound to bomb! I find myself sometimes skipping fancy blog events, in favor of doing absolutely nothing with my husband. He is just so dang fun to be with! Having fun together, no matter what you are doing, is key. I love a great date night out with my man, but sometimes the random trips to Target or Taco Bell together are even better!

Have a family calendar!

So silly I know, but having a joint calendar is a game changer! My dude had to really push me on this one…this old fashion girl prefers a written planner. I still have my pretty pink planner, but we have an Apple calendar that we share.  If I have an event I am attending on my own, my guy appreciates a note in the calendar stating, “wife event, monkey on his own for dinner.” Don’t mess with your man’s eating schedule, ladies.

Support each others passions

My blog was actually my Hub’s idea. He is my number one fan and crazy supportive.  He has even developed a reputation among my Chicago blogger buddies as the best rock n roll “Instagram husband.”  If you were to ask him to list a couple of my favorite designers, he could easily bust out at least 10. I am confident he could even tell you my go to skin care products.  He has gotten crazy good at nailing outfit shots for me…he has no shame in jumping on a planter box outside our house on a Saturday morning to get a unique angle…even if he is wearing his bathrobe.  The Husband brag could go on and on, but I am guessing you get the idea. I am not so bad myself…I never dreamed I would know so many KISS lyrics! Being a KISS wife has been an absolute blast.  Sharing each other’s passions just makes everything more fun!

Never stop cuddling!

We laugh that we spend most of our time together in one little spot,  affectionately named, “the cuddle corner.”  I call our favorite position in the corner, “the Chez triple stack.” The Hubs on bottom, me snuggled between his legs, and our cat snuggled between my legs. We are always holding hands, smooching, and saying I love you.

Don’t expect perfection!

Nothing is perfect, and of course we have our tiffs. I am very sensitive, and am quick to get down on myself for being so emotional. My man always reassures me that he does not expect perfection, as perfection does not exist! He lets me cry like a baby when I have my moments, as being sensitive is a part of who I am, and he loves who I am.  Never try to change each other. Understand your partner and their personality.  A silly example, the man knew when he choose to marry me that I will never miss a season of the Bachelor! And so he has joined Bachelor Nation. And he will just love that I am sharing that fact. #TROOPER.

Speaking of being a trooper…can y’all believe I got the man to take these photos?! Many thanks to my talented friend Emily Frankel for taking all these shots I will cherish forever, (the filter edit is by me, it’s a blogger nerdy thing. )You can find beautiful couples photography in the most beautiful of places on her website

Outfit deets! ME: Show me your Mumu maxi dress with Stuart Weitzman wedges. Alice+Olivia denim, Madeworn KISS tee, B-Low the belt Farah belt, and Michael Kors heels. HUBS: Madeworn tee, Wornstar denim.

“Girl I was made for loving you and girl you were made for loving me.”~ KISS


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How great does a cocktail party starring live animals, for a good cause sound? Zoo-ologie is coming up this Saturday, May 18th and I cannot wait! Featuring 20 food stations, a DJ, band, silent auction and after-party at Tao, this cocktail party is one of the signature events of spring. Organized by the Auxiliary Board of Lincoln Park Zoo, Zoo-ologie benefits Lincoln Park Zoo which is free 365 days a year. 

Tickets are still available, and you can use the code ZOMAY2019 for a discount


Last week I dragged my Instagram Hubs over to the zoo for a photoshoot.  Being true to his shtick, dude pretended to be totally irritated…but ended up having so much fun.  We both couldn’t get over how friendly the staff was, and how squeaky clean the beautiful space is!

Outfit deets! Dress: Amanda Uprichard, Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff HEELS: Michael Kors  Necklace: Ettika 

Photo Cred: HUSBAND!

Hope to see y’all there! Have a fabulous week!


Julz Chez