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April 2018

  • Fashion

    Another Gingham Gem!

    A couple of weeks ago I was at Target stocking up on life essentials like toothpaste and stickers, when I stumbled upon this asymmetrical gingham skirt.  It was love at first site.…

  • Fashion

    The Perfect (Bargain) Spring Dress!

    Winter must be coming to an end soon (fingers crossed!), so let’s keep prepping those sunny-day styles! Especially on a toasty Summer day, nothing beats an easy breezy sundress.  Cute, comfy, and…

  • Beauty, Fashion

    Spring Style Volume 1

    It’s no secret Chicago weather is straight up wacky.  Currently wacky…and it’s not the first time the city has played these tricks on us. It is what it is…and that is making…

  • Beauty

    My Everyday Healthy Makeup Routine

    Two of my favorite things in life are makeup and exercise.  One slight problem is that the two don’t exactly go together…not unless you know the tricks of the trade that is:)…