A Hot Ride & A Fabulous Date Night with Toyota!

Hello lovelies! Today I am keeping y’all on your toes, and sharing a recent XOXO partnership with a brand that may surprise ya. TOYOTA! This was my second time collaborating with the classic car brand, and it was another great experience. I will not claim to know a sliver as much about cars as I do face masks, but I drove a trusty Toyota for many years, and it was a wonderful reliable ride!

A friendly Toyota representative dropped off their latest 4Runner on a Monday. The rad ride was mine for the week to cruise around town in, and share my experience. I have always driven small cars, so my first reaction was….it is so big! I am scared to drive it! But to my delight, I loved it. I felt very safe in the super smooth ride featuring advanced technology and features, all amazing and easy to use. Fashionista perk: I found the huge trunk space to be very shopping bag friendly:) I love the rich olive green color too…so chic!  My husband is a major “car dude” and was also a huge fan.  He even said I looked pretty tough driving it…woot woot!

Toyota finished off the week long collab in the cutest way….tickets to the Davis Theater.  The hubby and my first time to a drive-in movie, and we loved it. It was our first date night out in a while, and with all the craziness happening in Chicago and the world, we both agreed the evening felt refreshingly “normal!” In true nostalgic drive-in form, I broke out my hunny’s football letterman’s jacket for the occasion, (yes I am cheese-y!) Since my man kindly takes so many photos for me, I threw him some love, and let him pick the film. JAWS! Not my cup of tea exactly, but a classic I had never seen…and enjoyed much more than I expected! We cuddled up in the 4Runners giant backseat with a cozy blanket and bundle of snacks our  friends at Toyota provided. Such a great inexpensive date night that I can’t recommend enough!

I like to think of my car as my most important and most used accessory. Thank you for this experience Toyota, the 4Runner is XOXO approved!


Julz Chez

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