About Me


Outfit: Akira
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Photo by: Olivia Szwarc

Hey y’all! I am a fitness professional with a serious passion for fashion, and I am here to share my passion with you! I come from the mean streets of Moline, Illinois, now living the dream in the heart of Chicago. I have always been a sensitive soul seeking great clothes, great cosmetics, and great love. After many years of trial and error, I have found myself blissfully happy with my closet, my beauty regimen, and most importantly, happily in love!

My intention of this blog is to throw a variety of wisdom your way – such as how to make your face glow like an Instagram filter, my fashion obsessions and where to shop them, fitness and yoga tips, great places to eat and drink in Chicago, and so on! I look forward to opening my style and soul with my readers, as well as getting to know you all.  Please subscribe to get my updates delivered right to your inbox, and follow me on Instagram!