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Another Cute Exercise Outfit + A Product that will make your Feet silky soft

Hi friends!  Today I am sharing a cute workout outfit…groundbreaking I know.  BUT I am following that cute outfit up with a unique product recommendation I am excited to share.  I raved about the line NUXactivewear in my last post, Workout Clothes Cute enough to wear to brunch.  When a gal finds something she loves, she sticks with it.  Below I am sporting the Alana Capri .  I love the crotchet cut-out aesthetic, and they come in a variety of fun colors. True to size comfortable fit, I am wearing a small.  Nux carries a variety of great tops with built in support for workouts, as well as fashionable outerwear to add a little flavor to a sporty look.  I styled this look with my favorite Nike wedges. I’m a firm believer that every gal deserves a pair of heeled sneakers.  Leg lengthening heels meet the comfort of sneakers…genius.  I also love this nude version and this black and silver version.

All photos taken by Olivia Szwarc

Moving onto a couple of (not so glamorous) products I recently discovered.  I decided I need to step up as a blogger, and include product recommendations for those random health and beauty issues we would rather not discuss with our girlfriends at happy hour. I took my first stab at this goal in my last post when I recommended a probiotic and even used the words “lady parts.” So here’s take two. I don’t know if it’s from all the yoga I practice in bare feet, but the bottoms of my feet are nasty. Calloused, rough, and unfortunate.  And trust me I am a girl that keeps up with her beloved pedicures. I’ve tried many products…Ped Egg, masks, creams, that stuff that makes your feet flake off for days, etc etc. Nothing worked. On an ordering attack during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I tossed a couple of products in my cart on a whim, and they changed my nasty feet’s life in no time. I hesitated to include a photo of these products that you may find in a 90+ persons bathroom, but decided to heck with it. My new old lady ritual is to file my feet with the Gehwol Biosana Swiss foot file before getting in the shower 3-4 nights a week. Before bed I rub Gehwol Gehwolmed Salve on my feet, and then put on cozy socks. After doing this for one week my gnarly feet were transformed into silky soft soles. If anyone else out there is quietly suffering from icky feet syndrome….I can’t recommend these products enough:)

What should my next uncomfortable beauty subject be? Requests are welcome:)


“I figure if I’m gonna be a mess I might as well be a hot mess”~ Mindy Kaling


Julz Chez

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    Julz! We are loving your leggings and this pedi recco. See you soon, love!

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