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Happy Friday friends! I hope you are all great! Many of you fellow fashion addicts are likely well aware the annual Nordstrom sale is currently on until August 6th.  The “hard core” bloggers have been on the hustle, sharing daily updates of their restocked favorites.  While I would have no problem spending an afternoon at Nordy’s (especially now that the Michigan Ave store has a great looking bar with delicious cocktails and snacks)… I prefer to support local boutiques. Revolve clothing  also has my heart…am I the only freak of nature that has an ongoing 300+ items in the favorites folder at all times?! All that said…I was not about to loose any of the blogger street cred I have gained in the past year and a half by boycotting the sale entirely. And so… I present y’all my Nordstrom sale outfit pick!

My favorite aspect of a large department store like Nordstrom is the huge variety of fantastic designers all in one spot (side note~this is why I don’t shop at department stores…I like everything, get overwhelmed, and go home.)  Madewell is a classic brand that specializes in timeless denim.  I have been well aware of the line for ages, but it struck me as a bit too normal to tickle my fancy.   For whatever reason I tried on a bundle of Madewell jeans at the Nordstrom sale and I was in love with each pair more than the next. Maybe there really is something to the whole “dressing like a normal human” jam. Great quality, great price point, and true to size.  Since purchasing these bad boys they are my first pick reach in my lavish selection of denim…even before my beloved Topshop Jamies.  Classic striped top, neck tie, bright lip and boo-yah….ready for some kinda wonderful.  My black mules are also on the Nordy Sale for under 50 bones (I bought them full price and was just delighted with my purchase…sucker). They are on trend, comfortable, and super versatile. Chloe shades and Birkin bag not on sale….ain’t nothing perfect y’all.


All photos taken by this queen, who is expecting a little stud man! Many people close to me kindly informed me I would lose my photographer friend when she got married and moved to the suburbs (nope)… and then again when she got knocked up (still nope). I am beyond thankful for you Olivia Szwarc! If you are looking for a fantastic photographer who is talented and sugary sweet, contact Relax, Smile, and Love Always photography. She specializes in children and families (and fashion now thanks to me:)

“Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway”


Julz Chez

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