Be As Bubbly As Your Drink: Sharing my love for Empress 1908 Gin!

Summer sadly, yet happily, flew by this year.  I was presented with many great opportunities via XOXO, and had a hard time not saying YES to most! Modern day problems:) I have been so consumed with events, I have been slacking on actually blogging about them! I am playing catch up this week, and sharing the shenanigans.

First up to bat, I am pleased to introduce y’all to a fantastic cocktail. Empress 1908 Gin is the original, all-natural, color-changing gin.  It is infused with natural botanicals, and its gorgeous deep purple shade transforms to a soft pink when mixers are added.  I never cared for gin until I was introduced to Empress 1908.  The flavor is floral and rich, but not at all strong and boozy.  Added bonus: there is no denying it makes a beautiful cocktail to serve guests!

A fellow rock wife/friend of mine, JoBeth Harrison, works for team Empress. JoBeth and I joined forces and planned an event together, to help spread the good Empress word among my influencer friends. A group of  blogger babes gathered together one evening at my home, and JoBeth served up delicious drinks. The favorite of the evening: The Empress 75. Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Empress gin shaken over ice, strained into a champagne flute and topped with Brut sparkling wine. So refreshing and tasty. If you are like the old me and think gin is not your drink, I challenge you to give this cocktail a try! You can find Empress 1908 in many stores that sell premium spirits, including Binny’s and trusty Target.

“She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair.”~ Kate Spade


Julz Chez

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