Your best accessory is your smile…where to score the prettiest pearly whites in Chicago!

Hello lovelies! The great Marilyn Monroe made the wise statement, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”  You can buy all the expensive lipstick you like, but without sparkly healthy teeth, your smile is screwed.  And considering your smile is often the first thing people notice when they look at you….it’s critical to keep your grin on point!  While I value this concept, I loathe going to the dentist office.  I have super sensitive teeth, so I am always terribly uncomfortable…and all the nasty noises make me cringe like crazy. When I heard that Sugar Fix dental was interested in connecting with bloggers, I figured I would be the ultimate challenging customer!

It was love at first sight stepping in the space…there is nothing stuffy about it…you feel more like you are entering a spa.  The loft is modern, chic, and straight up cute!  I first came by to meet the owner, Dr. Jessica T. Emery, a lovely woman who is passionate and knowledgable about her work.  An hour flew by talking with her.  She is inspiring and personable.  Raised herself by a dentist, Dr. Emery is a loving wife, mother of three, AND she is super fashionable and fit.  Girl boss perfection!

Dr. Emery and I outside Sugar Fix!

Dr. Emery and I outside Sugar Fix!

I returned the following week for the real deal…the dreaded teeth cleaning!  The Sugar Fix slogan is “we will make you look like a star, and treat you like one too”…and they really do!  I felt so relaxed in the coziest dental chair, a warm lavender pillow around my neck, and Bose noise canceling headphones that erased the nasty cleaning noises, and replaced them with the sweet sounds of Uncle Jesse and  Uncle Joey, as I watched Fuller House on Netflix all through my service.  I felt the least amount of discomfort I have ever experienced at the dentist, and my teeth felt cleaner than ever before. I credit this astounding result to modern technology, my skilled hygienist, the extremely cozy atmosphere, and of course, Jesse Katsopolis.  Here’s a little peek inside the darling space.



As if that’s not enough cuteness, patients are rewarded this darling goody bag after services.  Unlike the standard toothpaste and floss shoved in a plastic bag, this baby contains lip balm and a cute pink pen, in addition to teeth cleaning supplies. I’m such a sucker for a gift bag:)


I couldn’t believe it when I heard myself asking Dr. Emery if I could come back to try a whitening treatment.  When I’m into something, I’m really into it.  The cleaning was great, but I wanted to try a more cosmetic/make me pretty service.  I returned to cozy up in the comfy chair, the lavender neck towel, and another round of Fuller House.  Time can really fly when you are hangin with Deej Tanner. I completed an hour of the Zoom whitening treatment, which was painless and easy.  When I told my hubby about it he first thought it was silly…”your teeth are already white woman!”  But all you glam girls understand, there is almost always room for beauty improvements.  The next day we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, and my man raved that my teeth looked better than ever…and asked me to book him an appointment stat!


Have you ever seen such fun decor at a dentist office?!

And here we have a little date night selfie, showcasing my fresh white teeth! Bonus…red lipstick looks extra fab with a sparkly smile!


A big thanks to Dr. Emery and her lovely staff for collaborating on this post!

“Keep smiling, because life is beautiful, and there’s so much to smile about”~ Marilyn Monroe

“Smile. It intimidates those who wish to destroy you.” ~Not sure, but I love it


Julz Chez


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