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I feel extremely blessed to do what I love for a living…help people! I am a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, and I absolutely love it. I went to college at Illinois State University, majoring in fashion merchandising. Having never been a go to the gym kinda gal, I joined the rec center in effort to dodge the dreaded freshman 15. This is where it all started for me…the discovery of classes. I quickly became obsessed…hip hop, spinning, kickboxing, step…I loved it all, and poured myself into getting certified in everything. With the support of my dad who I have always called my number one fan, I changed my major to Exercise Science and Fitness.  For the past 11+ years, I have hustled as a full time Jane Fonda…from managing a corporate fitness facility, to full time teaching group classes, to now a healthy variety of  training private clients, and teaching group classes. A couple years back I challenged myself to become a yoga teacher, and enrolled in the Moksha yoga teacher training program. I quickly fell in love with yoga, and even spent a month studying in India, a life changing experience I will always treasure.

To have a job that I love, AND that allows me to help others is truly a blessing! While I work with both men and women of all sizes and ages (my longest and oldest client is turning 86 this year!), if I had to pick a specialty it would be weight loss. Early in my career as a trainer, I trained a woman who lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks, resulting in the most positive mental and physical makeover I have ever seen! I currently have a client who is down 50 pounds since starting with me in February, and the improvements in her physical ability, as well as her attitude and determination, is unbelievable!

I intend to share with y’all my best tips on getting lean, staying lean, and still enjoying life. Because hot clothes are even hotter on a hot bod.

If at first you don’t succeed, adjust your high bun and try again.

Julz Chez

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