Denim days part 2: The perfect pair of jeans

Hello lovelies!  Today I am presenting y’all with the impossible…the perfect pair of jeans.  Jeans are always a good idea, and every fashion girl knows you can never own too many fabulous pairs.  Every fashion girl also knows shopping for jeans can be nearly as sucky as shopping for swimsuits.  The intricacies between the world of designers and styles can be scary and confusing.  I personally am a loyal fan of high waisted styles.  Shame on hottie Jessica Simpson for giving the high waist a bad name with her fashion failure moment…I know y’all know the one: high-waisted blue jeans, tight black tank top, and large leopard print belt.  I’m sure that lapse in fashion judgement haunts the beauty in her sleep, so I apologize for bringing it up Jess…but it’s just too good of a “wear what looks good on you” example!  When it comes to jean shopping I follow a strict never order online rule. You simply must do the dirty work and try on a ridiculous amount, walk around and sit down to test how they move and feel, and take a selfie or 10 to see how they look from all angles.  I like how a higher waist comfortably stays in place.  The hottest pair of low rise pants can quickly become not so hot if you are constantly tugging and pulling them up.  But that’s on my shape, we are all unique and what looks fly on one babe may look hideous on the next…which is why I go back to my rules of trying on loads, and buying only what flatters your figure.

I recently told my best friend we are way too old to be shopping at Bebe. Of course soon after making this silly statement, I stumbled into a local Bebe and found a couple amazing pieces I couldn’t live without, including these dreamy jeans!  So let me correct myself, “we are too old to wear anything with Bebe written in rhinestones on our butts.”  These beauties are versatile enough to go with many outfits, the fit is flattering and comfy, and the price tag is much kinder then the Frame flares I’ve had my eye on (but those are still real cute too!)  I scored this chic top at Forever 21 for a whooping 16 dollars…my coupon cutting mama is so applauding right now!  Big chic shades are a great compliment to flares, my cuties shown here are also from thrifty Forever 21.  My wedges are by my number one shoe love, Stuart Weitzman.  My mom would not applaud at the money I have spent on my beloved Stuarts, but I do recommend checking Nordstrom rack  for style steals!

jeans full onJulie-9_edited-1

jeans straight onJulie-13_edited-1

jeans sittingJulie-10_edited-1

Jean close upulie-14_edited-1

backshot jeanJulie-15_edited-1

All photos taken by the amazing Olivia Radziszewski, in beautiful Bucktown, Chicago.

Denim is a love that never fades babes.  Never go shopping for jeans hungry, bloated, or cranky.  Go happy, healthy, and ready to try on a crap load of pairs until you find the perfect fit.  Denim is a way of life y’all, so live it to the fullest!

“You can be the chicest thing in a t-shirt and jeans-it’s up to you.”~ Karl Lagerfeld


Julz Chez

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