A Field Trip to Logan Square! Also…cute outfits!

Hello darlings!  Today we are venturing out of the comforts of my Bucktown bubble, and into the mean streets of Logan Square.  These pics were snapped a couple weeks back,  on what my paparazzi princess Olivia and I like to call, “Photoshoot Friday!” We are often blessed by Mother Nature with gorgeous weather on our photo dates, but our steady streak of good fortune was not looking too hot this time. It was a rainy morning, that turned into a gloomy afternoon.  Both of us feeling uninspired, we decided it was time to shake things up.  And so I packed a bag with a couple outfit changes, and we were off. Outfit number one!  I am all for soaking in as much summer style as possible, but this is a cool look to slowly transition towards fall. My maxi dress is by Lulu’s, an online retail site with great affordable pieces. This particular dress looks great dressed up or down, and cost only 41 dollars! Practically giving it away!  Hat by BrixtonIf there’s one fall fashion statement I’m into, it’s suede hats.  Belt is by B-Low the BeltIt looks great with denim, and I love it over maxi dresses and skirts.  You can find a solid dupe at Lulu’s, with a much kinder price tag. Booties by Steve Madden. Peep toes make the perfect transition to fall choice.

J-6black dress redwall looking awayblack dress grassblavk dress sideJblack dress grass-19Jblack dress looking away-13After this first round of photos, Olivia and I headed back to the car, prepared to continue cruising around Logan Square, in search of jazzy photo spots. On our walk, we noticed a colorful wall outside of the Family Dollar, and decided to roll with it. I jumped in her backseat, changed into outfit number two, and the party continued.  When you strip down in your girlfriend’s backseat…outside the Family Dollar…you simply have to laugh at yourself. The highlight of this outfit for me is the shoes, which I ordered from Asos. Stars are trending in fashion, which is very convenient for this KISS wife!  No half sizes with this designer, size down as they run big.  My ruffled shorts and bodysuit are both by Akira, wristlet by Coach (more fashion stars!), same black hat by Brixton, and Kate Spade shades.

blue wall looking awayJ-22blue wallJ-20zoom on star shoesI can vision my Grandma up in heaven, looking radiant in a red housecoat (red was her color of choice), saying…”too much black honey!”….as she reads this post.  The all black trend was lost on my Grams, she believed women should dress in bright and vibrant colors.  And so, I will sign off today in this cutesy pink (my color of choice) top by T&J Designs, which is currently on sale!


All photos taken by Olivia Szwarc. XO!


Julz Chez


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