Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance, they happen by an appointment at EverTrue!

Confession: my eyebrows were victimized by the 90’s. I know styles change and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself…but my college photos make me cringe.  Not just because my skin is orange from spending study breaks in the tanning bed (ew ew ew)…but because I have no eyebrows.  I was sadly lacking an eyebrow education.  Eyebrows frame the face, and can make or break your look.  When done right, brows accentuate all the right features, and will give you a polished and more youthful appearance. During the week when I am teaching fitness classes and keeping my makeup routine simple, filling in the brows is still a must.  Without doing so I feel like I look tired, lifeless, and borderline hideous (I know sooo dramatic:)  When I am doing my full on glam routine,  I will admit I can spend an embarrassing amount of time on my brows.  I have gone through phases of getting regular brow tints at Benefit which I love, but the upkeep quickly gets time consuming and pricey.  Cue call in reinforcements…lets microblade these babies!

Microblading is all the rage for a more permanent flawless looking eyebrow. I had it done once before, but it had mostly all faded.  Anytime you are having any kind of med spa service done, it is critical to do your research! Groupons are great for mani pedis, but not when we are talking a long lasting procedure to your FACE.  I noticed one of my girlfriends brows looking fantastic, and she directed me to EverTrue Microblading Salon.  My prior experience with Microblading was just fine, but my experience with EverTrue was next level amazing.  The specialists at EverTrue created the “Bespoke Brow” technique, a very natural, stroke-by-stroke process that is indistinguishable from “real” brows.  The Bespoke brow  treatment uses life-like strokes applied directly to the skin.  The treatment replaces eyebrow pencils and powders, and assures perfect brows all-day, every day.  First they have you come in for a consultation, where you meet with your brow specialist and discuss your dream brows.  I worked with Jasmin Liner  and I absolutely loved her.  I explained the look that I love, and she penciled in my perfect brows with an eyebrow pencil.  This way you know exactly what you are signing up for before taking the official plunge.

~Here’s a before pic I snapped rolling into my appointment

~A peak inside the beautiful space overlooking Oak Street.

~Where the magic happens! A massage style comfy table.

A huge highlight of the procedure…it did NOT HURT!!! And I am a big baby when it comes to pain. When I previously had this service done elsewhere, the pain was pretty brutal.  At EverTrue they have a top of the line numbing cream they first apply.  You relax with complimentary coffee, tea, and a solid selection of mags for 20 minutes while the numbing cream soaks in.  I couldn’t believe it when she started. I actually had to ask…is this it? I was shocked.  I chatted with my brow artist Jasmin the entire time….and if she wasn’t so nice to talk to I could have taken a nap!

~A glamour shot of me and my eyebrows best friend…the magical numbing cream!

~My brow artist Jasmin! I adored her.  In addition to being sugary sweet and making me feel so comfortable, she was also so precise and detailed with my brows.  A true artist! They look so natural and the shape is so flattering on my face.  I can’t recommend Jasmin enough. I do know a few Chicago babes who have had their brows done by different gals at EverTrue, and they are all wild for their brows as well…so I guess you can’t go wrong!

~When you go in for the consultation, a question your artist will ask you is if you have any big events coming up.  This is always a slightly scary question.  I immediately think…oh sweet…I’m fixin’ to look like a freak for a few days before I look pretty. Not true! These photos were taken the very next day.  A bit bolder than I usually roll, but the color gradually calms down as the brows heal.  My husband didn’t even notice! (that’s a good thing:)

~This final photo was taken 4 days after my treatment. Already lightening up and looking more natural.  I LOVE!  And from a proficiency stand point…a fabulous time saver in the morning!

Don’t be shy to reach out if you have any questions…and don’t forget to mention XOXOJulzChez for 20 percent off!

“Eyebrows…the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.”


Julz Chez

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