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Home sweet Moline!

Happy Monday y’all!  I trust everyone had a lovely weekend.  After work last Friday, my hubby and I road tripped to my hometown of Moline, Illinois to spend the weekend with my family.  A weekend at home always treats my body and soul good.  I sleep and eat like a champ, and feel rejuvenated and happy on Monday.  And nothing beats waking up for Saturday morning coffee with my mom.  She has been so encouraging and helpful with my blog, I decided to gift her a sparkly tee and statement necklace as a thank you.

Mom and I enjoying coffee and being together. Tops and necklaces by T&J designs. Photo credit: my hubby.

Mom and I enjoying coffee and being together. Tops and necklaces by T&J designs. Photo credit: my hubby.

I have always called my dad my number one fan.  My whole life he has supported my crazy dreams and passions.  My dad is the kindest man I know, with a huge heart full of love, and a fantastic sense of humor.  One thing I did not get from my father is my love of shopping and clothes. His very simple wardrobe consists of suits or dress pants for church and work, shorts for exercising and playing tennis, and good ol pajamas for home. Well, he decided with a fashion blogging daughter, it was time to get crazy and buy a pair of jeans.  Love!


imageMy older brother is a great friend of mine.  I love hanging out with him, and he can always make me laugh.  Most trips home, my hubby and I spend at least one night jamming out to records while drinking PBR’s at my brother’s house.  Both being musicians, and all around lovers of rock and roll, the two dudes get along amazingly well.  Saturday was a gorgeous day in Moline to spend together as a family!

My brother and I presently our beautiful roots!

My brother and I presenting our beautiful roots!

This week, I am excited to present my first fashion giveaway!  I am running a week long contest on my Instagram, and will be giving away a $250 dollar gift card on Friday to Denim and Soul, a fabulous new Chicago boutique.  This shop is currently full of great fall staples, and all the best denim.  The outfit below was purchased at D&S, and I absolutely love it.  I decided home sweet Moline was the perfect place to showcase this fall look.  Instagram users, be sure to find me @julzchez for details on entering the contest.  I am excited to share the love!


Top by Rails. Denim Fidelity. Hat by Goordin bros. Bag Birkin. Booties Steve Madden. Photo taken by my mom.

My sentimental mother saves all cards my brother and I have given her. She recently stumbled across this card I made for her when I was 11 years old and had to share it with me.  Once a shopper, always a shopper!


“If you love it, buy it. (Otherwise, someone else will!)

Have a great week!


Julz Chez

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