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Is Leopard the new neutral? Welcome to the Jungle.

I’m back today to share yet another pair of crazy pants that I am finding to be (as the great Chris Harrison would say), SHOCKINGLY versatile. Dare I say…practical? I can actually visualize my mother rolling her eyes as I typed that.  But seriously, leopard has stood the test of time as a fun print that can tastefully be incorporated into any gal’s wardrobe. When leopard jeans first started trending, I resisted jumping on board.  I figured I would wear them a couple times with a black tee, and the jig would be up. Well my willpower eventually failed me…and I am oh so glad it did! Yes indeed, leopard looks great styled simply, but also rocks when treated as a neutral tone. Style your animal print with a funky graphic tee, a fun pattern…essentially anything and everything goes! I decided if I was pulling the trigger on the leopard jean movement, I might as well roll with one of my favorite sources of denim.  Mother denim is high quality, comfy, and flattering.

For this first look I choose a classic red  Topshop sweater and SJP collection heels.  Sealed the deal with a bright red lip. My favorite is Stila cosmetics lip stain in shade Besos. Gorgeous shade of red…and when they say stain they mean STAIN! It’s not going anywhere, in the best possible way. Gucci belt (thank you Greek Mommy!)

Photos by Denise Kokinis

A quick switch into a KISS tee from Revolve clothing. Would y’all believe my KISS swag collection is catching up to my husband’s?! Watch out dude.

Let me conclude this leopard print love letter with these deep words: I dug the denim so much, I decided I needed a work day version. Which as a fitness instructor translates to….SPANDEX! Beach Riot is my current crush when it comes to leggings, and their leopard edition does not disappoint. Shop them at Carbon38, and drop the code JCHEZ20 at checkout for 20% off your first order. Here I am with my Ballerina besties, the ladies of MaZi dance fitness…who are clearly on board with the leopard movement! My sneakers are APL from Carbon38, and they are my favorite sneakers I have ever had! And there have been many, ask my dad if you don’t believe me.

“Take a walk on the wild side.”


Julz Chez

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