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Love Rebel: The Rocker Girl Edit

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided I get a free “brag about my boo” pass. My Husband is the smartest, funniest, kindest, and gosh darn cutest boy I know (he might be pushing 48 but I still say boy:) We both feel incredibly thankful to have found each other. 12 years apart in age; dude rolling in the heavy rock scene, me more into group fitness and fashion…the fact that we even met is wild!  When you are connected by love; your taste in music and hobbies doesn’t matter too much.  That said, I know more songs played on Ozzy’s boneyard than I ever would have dreamed.  My collection of KISS shirts rivals my man’s.  Tonight I am attending my third Marilyn Manson concert, and will most likely end up backstage after the show (Eric’s good friend plays guitar in the band!)  I do these things not becasue boy asks me to, but because participating in his passions makes me happy.  Rock wife life!

On the flip side, my sweetie shamelessly watches the Bachelor with me every Monday.  He happily participates in product reviews for blog research (he loves to make fun of my many “balms”….he calls every skincare product a balm:) Boy has participated in my yoga classes, attended fashion events, and so much more for me.  For Christmas this year, he “hacked” into my Revolve clothing account and picked out a few of his favorites from my favorite folder. Swoon. Boy genuinely appreciates my passion for fashion.  I have never been decked out and received a “you look fine” reaction.  Thank heavens, we would be in couples counseling real quick if that was the case. He gets into it, notices all the details (ex. nicely done cat eye tonight!), and knows all my favorite designers (ex. notices ladies in resturants and will whisper to me, “Love and Lemons alert boo!”) Dreamboat!

This insane One Teaspoon rocker style jacket was from my Christmas collection, selected by my dreamboat himself.  A true showstopper, I have never seen anything like it! The detail is incredible.  True talk: boy picked it out because it reminded him of his KISS armor. HA! A great piece for a rock wife. The jacket clearly makes a bold statement, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple.  Cat Mom tank, favorite Rag and Bone cropped denim, and my go to Stuart Weitzman boots.

Photos by Elena Cuellar Photography

“Each night when the day is through, I don’t ask much, I just want you.”~ Ozzy Osbourne


Julz Chez


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  • Reply Katie February 6, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Love this and you two! <3

    • Reply Julie Chez February 6, 2018 at 9:25 pm

      Love you friend! Thanks for reading:) xx

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