My love story…

loveMy sweet Grandma used to say, “I worry about Julie settling down, I think she just likes the thrill of the chase. Once she’s got them hooked she’s done with them.” Ah Grandmas… so wise. Well my gram is happily looking down from heaven, as I have met my match.  My man challenges me everyday, makes me laugh everyday, and finds a way to make me love him more everyday. We were instantly steamy hot for each other, but also genuinely enjoyed one another’s company. My mom had always told me, “I hate when people say relationships are hard. 40 years with your dad and it’s still easy.” I was finally experiencing ease in a relationship.  A little over a year after meeting, my tattooed monkey got down on one knee in my folks basement, and proposed. I was floating in the sky with happiness. We just celebrated 2 years of marriage, and I have never been happier!

I am far more knowledgeable about beauty products than finding love, but I am happy to offer up a few tips I have figured out after finding the real deal.  Such as, until the right one comes along, spend your valuable time enjoying family, traveling, staying fit and fashionable, and of course, partying with your girlfriends as often as possible. If you are doing what makes you happy, and are lookin smokin hot doing it, the right dude will eventually come along.

Julz Chez

“All you need is LOVE!”~ The Beatles

Question about love? I’m happy to do my best to answer here.

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