Mastering the art of a smoldering smokey eye

Hello darlings! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I will be hooking y’all up with outfit ideas soon. But first, makeup. Your eyes are possibly your most important feature when connecting with someone. A glamourous, modern day muse look just might melt your man, in the best way possible. I love this look I’m sharing, the neutral shades look good with everything, and the vibe can be soft and subtle, or easily vamped up.

~Always apply your eyemakeup first, so you can easily remove excess shadow without messing up face makeup.  Start with a primer,  SPF 20 air patrol by Benefit will keep your eye makeup flawless all day.


~ Fill entire lid with a base color.  I love Benefits creaseless cream shadow in Birthday Suit, such a lovely shade, and easy as pie to apply with your fingers.  My stilleto shaped nails can make this step a bit tricky, so I turn to a trusty Q-tip (a must have supply when applying eye makeup), to smooth the shadow out.


~Highlight the brow bone with a white shadow, and blend the white on the inner lid to make your eyes pop! Milk it long lasting shadow by Benefit shown here.


~Brush a darker shade onto the outer lid, and sweep over crease softy.  I love the shade Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy by Benefit, a great smoky brown, with a touch of shimmer.  If you are going for a more intense look, don’t be shy with this step!


~ When I was little I never thought eyebrows would ever be this important to me. I’m obsessed! A strong brow will really make your eyes pop.  I use Anastasia dipbrow pomade in Chocolate. If you are new to filling your brows in, you may at first feel a bit brow shy, start light as you build your confidence:)  I recommend bopping in Sephoraand finding a friendly worker to help find the perfect shade and product for you, or stopping in your local Benefit store as they have fantastic brow products, the most friendly and fun staff, and a full brow/lash bar for waxing and tinting.  My go to gal is Robin Martini at the Bucktown Benefit, 1616 N Damen Avenue.


~Inner beauty is great, but a little eyeliner never hurt. I prefer a liquid liner on the top lash line, as if offers the most defined and precise result. A great product is key, Charlotte Tilbury feline flick pen glides on smoothly and beautifully.  Start from the inner corner of the eye, and draw a fine line as close to the lash line as possible, until about two-thirds of the way way across the eye, then gradually thicken the line.  For the classic cat eye look, extend the line past your eye, angled up toward your brow, and gradually line the outer corner and “wing” more thickly. If you are new to the cat eye game, you might again feel a little shy rocking this look at first, but I strongly encourage you to take the plunge! I agree with the great Charlotte Tilbury, a strong cat eye will change your life!  I have attached one of my favorite Utube videos by Charlotte hereshe is a makeup genius!  There is a Charlotte Tilbury counter at Nordstrom on Michigan Ave, it’s ahhhhmazing!


~ Lashes! I heat my lash curler with my blow dryer for a few seconds, the heat really makes a difference!  I squeeze the curler at the bottom and hold tightly for a bit, and then move the curler up a bit and repeat.  Take your time with this step, especially if you are feeling sleepy that day, curling really opens the eyes up.  My favorite mascaras are Lancome, Mac zoom lash, and Roller Lash by Benefit.  The only drama that I enjoy is in my lashes…2 to 4 coats is my style:)


~ I use a Lancome black pencil on the lower water line for definition. Connect your lower lash eyeliner with the back corner of the upper lash line, to create a cohesive look. If I’m going out for the night, I typically stick this pencil in my purse, as it easily fades.  Carefully apply mascara to bottom lashes.


All photos taken by my girl Olivia Radziszewski, at Relax, Smile, and Love Always Photography.

~Check yourself out, adding more shadow or mascara to amp up the intensity, depending on your mood.  Do your best to achieve symmetry, but avoid obsessing! I once heard a makeup artist say, “why one eyebrow always comin out Gucci and the other comin out Walmart!” I died! I believe the point is that your eyes are sisters, not twins, so don’t flip if they don’t turn out identical.

Makeup is an artistic way to enhance your beauty; it’s a woman’s secret.  If anyone tells you not to buy new makeup, politely stop talking to them.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life y’all.


Julz Chez


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