Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Review

If you are a regular XO reader (bless your heart), you may have noticed that I’m on a serious skincare kick right now.  Today I am reviewing an extra groovy product.  It’s not a mask, not a cream, not a serum…this is next level y’all.  Wait for it…SONIC technology that can be used safely in the comforts of your home, to take your skin to the next level. Michael Todd Beauty is an award-winning beauty brand that started off with skincare products, but later shifted their focus to the development of functional beauty TOOLS.  When I first discovered their website I was fascinated, and naturally wanted every single device. I started with the SonicBlend makeup brush, and it was love at first use.  This sucker will blend both liquid and powder flawlessly. Check my post Weird Skincare Hacks that work for more deets!

After a month or so of game changing makeup blending, many thanks to my SonicBlend brush, I decided it was time to test a new tool.  Meet my new bestie, the Michael Todd Sonic Eraser. This baby takes your facial massage to the next level.  Wireless and rechargeable, this sleek looking device is clinically validated to apply your skincare products better than by hand to majorly improve anti-aging results. Noticeable improvements in brightness, firmness and hydration are clinically documented at just 14 days. Improvements in fine lines, wrinkles and skin smoothness are clinically documented at 28 days.

After washing your face squeaky clean, apply your favorite serum to your skin, but don’t rub it in.  Grab your friendly Sonic Eraser, and massage the serum in, using small circles.  When you press the device onto your skin, the vibrations activate.  It’s like a MedSpa in your bathroom…so awesome.  Technology allows the beneficial ingredients in your products to break through the skin’s outer barrier and absorb at maximum efficiency.  The device gradually warms up to 107F to open the pores and absorb more product. The heat and massage feels amazing!  The process takes no extra time than you would spend massaging your products in with your fingers, it’s just much more efficient.  It’s also great to do it the morning, as it instantly revives the look of tired skin.

Photos by the Hubs

If you are a fellow skincare junkie and have invested in quality serums and creams, I highly recommend this high-tech device to get the most mileage out of your products.  I have been using my SonicEraser twice a day for two weeks, and my skin looks brighter and clearer already.  Elevate your at home spa experience y’all…you deserve it!


Julz Chez


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