My Latest Greatest Beauty Secret: Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

The search for the latest and greatest beauty secrets never ends. There are so many amazing products available that can be used in the comfort of home…but sometimes a gal needs to call in the big guns. AKA…a MED SPA! The world of lasers, injectables, and fat reducing treatments can be quite daunting. A blogger duty I take very seriously, is researching the services I believe to be worth every penny.  I have been paying regular visits to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics over the past few months…and it was love at first laser genesis.

Vitahl is located on Madison Street in the West Loop. The interior is sleek, and decorated with super groovy artwork. The staff is small, which I love. Having someone poke needles into your face is a bit personal…being able to build a relationship with the technicians you are working with is so comforting.

The first service I tried at Vitahl, which hooked me straight away, is the Laser Genesis facial. This procedure is a favorite among many Hollywood A-listers…yes please! The laser works by mildly heating the upper dermis of your skin to stimulate the growth and production of collagen. The laser also targets facial capillaries which helps to diminish redness, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and more icky stuff.  The process is quick and pain free. Below you can find me getting the royal treatment done by Vitahl’s laser master, Fred. Fred is the best to chat with, he makes you feel so comfortable.  He also has flawless skin, which I always find comforting from a skincare professional!  Bonus: there is no downtime after this treatment.

Vitahl offers TruSculptID treatment, which uses radio frequency to heat and permanently destroy fat cells…in 15 flipping minutes! A series of 2 is recommended to achieve the best results possible.  I did one treatment, to be able to share the experience.  When it comes to dealing with pain, I royally suck.  It is slightly uncomfortable as the treatment heats up, but those moments are short, and again the jig is up in 15 minutes! Over 90% of Vitahl clients who treat one area of their body sign up for another. So yes indeed, it works!

If you are looking to dramatically improve your skin, Secret RF is the answer.  Secret RF combines micro needling and radio frequency to efficiently treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scarring, and more!  I tested this treatment out on a Friday afternoon. The staff prepped me to schedule on a day where I could head straight home after, as my skin would be red.  Side note: the warm staff at Vitahl are wonderful at providing all the details on every treatment, so you know exactly what to expect. I was not in any pain afterwards, but I was indeed a not so sexy shade of red. However, by that evening, the redness was miraculously gone.  The photo below was taken the very next day. My skin felt so fresh…and so good!

I once promised myself that if I ever tried Botox, I would never post about it on my blog. Because duh, my mom reads my blog, and she would kill me. Don’t stop loving me Mom! Here’s the dish on Botox: when used properly, it does not change your appearance. It simply softens any unwanted crows feet or lines. And guess what Ma…what I had done is not technically Botox! The Vitahl pros recommended  Neurotoxin. AKA, the new tox on the block. We have all seen those crazy looking ladies that overdid something. I do not advise letting someone like that near your precious face! Caroline is the Vitahl Nurse Practioner. Caroline is feminine, natural, and lovely. She told me herself that she is committed to never over doing any treatment. No one noticed I had Jeuveau except me…and that is how it should be! Same you…just a little bit better:)

That is just a sprinkling of the many innovative treatments available at Vitahl. I can’t recommend this place enough! Mention my blog for the extra VIP treatment. Treat yourself babes…you deserve it!

Glow-Getter (noun):  A driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.


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