New York Fashion Week First Timer!

New York Fashion Week has been on my bucket list for a hot minute. Every year I tell myself…”next year baby, next year!”  This year I excitedly informed my hubs when I received a few show invitations, (because 1. COOL! and 2. I tell him everything), with no expectations of actually making it happen. Between KISS being on their final tour and my man turning the big 50, I thought our travel plans were over booked. My dreamboat shocked me and said…”let’s go!”

NYFW is an industry event where designers showcase their fresh collections for the first time.  The event happens twice each year: February, where fall/winter collections are presented, and September, where spring/summer collections are presented.  Attendees are fashion industry insiders: buyers, fashion editors and writers, stylists, photographers, and digital media influencers.

There is a lot of planning that goes into attending NYFW.  As a newbie, I wanted to maximize the weekend, yet also make it fun and not too jam packed. The plan was to arrive Friday late afternoon, attend our first show Friday night, 2 shows on Saturday, and one more Sunday morning before departing. Of course the plan didn’t go perfectly. Our flight was canceled, and we didn’t end up arriving until nearly midnight. The rough start had me feeling a bit defeated, but my guy kept my spirits up by doing what he does best…making everything fun!  I lovingly called him my “Intern” all weekend, a title in which in had zero shame owning and rocking. What a man!

Travel outfit: Show me Your Mumu hoodie, Spanx leggings, Rebecca Minkoff boots, and Hammitt bag. 

Saturday was a new day! I woke up so excited to experience a sprinkle of the fashion week magic. Our first show was one of my all-time favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff. The show was presentation style, and featured a variety of models celebrating all walks of life. A pregnant model, children, and even a baby, were among the beauties showcasing the new collection, which includes a children’s line. I loved all the chic styles…feminine floral dresses styled with fringe leather jackets, beautiful blouses with statement sleeves, power suits in vivid colors, and of course Rebecca’s specialty…amazing handbags.  I thought the collection was urban, on trend, fun, and versatile. I could see women of all ages and style preferences effortlessly incorporating pieces into their wardrobes. I dressed for the occasion: my dress, shades, boots, and bag are all by Rebecca Minkoff.

A peek at the presentation:

Beauty and brains: Rebecca Minkoff!

The energy on the streets was such a fun aspect of the experience. People watching at it’s most fashion forward best! Paparazzi gathered outside all the big shows, eager to capture all the killer street styles. I ran into a couple of Chicago fashion friends on the streets, and my Intern was always ready with the camera to document the moment. I think I will keep him on my xoxo staff forever:)

Our next show was Hellessy.  Hellessy is hand crafted and produced in New York City and is highly recognized by international fashion publications.  Many influential celebrities are loyal fans of the high end brand.  The runway show took place in an intimate venue, and the front row was filled with stunning supermodels.  I absolutely loved all the statement-making pieces.  How about the black tulle number? So dreamy!

I knew my man had hit his fashion husband max by this point of the day, but there was just one store I was determined to visit. LoveShackFancy is a  brand I am wild for…no one does romantic ruffles better. The flagship LoveShackFancy store happens to be in New York.  The store was more beautiful than I even imagined.  The hubs found a comfy chair to chill in while I did my thing, and all was well in the world! I did not leave empty handed:)

A peek into fashion week was both challenging and inspiring. As a first timer new to the scene, I could see how one could easily feel lost in the chaos. I have potential to fall down that silly….”I’m a nobody!” rabbit hole.  I firmly believe surrounding yourself with people who build you up and make you happy is the key. My Intern was the best partner in fashion crime!

“Life is a party. Dress like it.”


Julz Chez

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