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Hello lovelies! I promised a few posts back to take a mini fashion break, and focus a bit more on the wide world of beauty! I became a bit distracted by off the shoulder dresses recently…but I am back on the beauty train today! It’s totally easy and practical to find cosmetics that work for you, and stick with those products.  It’s also really boring. The beauty world is always evolving, and the search for the latest and greatest in skincare and cosmetics can be gorgeously rewarding!  In the spirit of this sentiment, today I am sharing a few products I am currently loving.  Note, I am not claiming to be a beauty professional, just your average beauty fanatic.

First up…skin care.  We all know healthy skin is the best possible foundation.  My top skin priority is to religiously wash my face squeaky clean every night.  Any trace of makeup or dirt left on the skin overnight is basically crying out, “hit me pimples!”  Bioderma is a French skincare line, whose products are known for being highly effective, but gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.  I have been using Bioderma H2O micelle solution to cleanse AND remove my makeup every night for the past few months, and my skin has been feeling clean, clear, and hydrated.  To use, you simply soak a cotton pad with the product, cleanse the face, and dry gently.  Especially after a night out with a full on made up face, this product quickly removes ALL your makeup, while deep cleaning.  Boom.  The blue cap guy is for dry skin, green cap oily, and pink is for sensitive skin.  I have normal/combination skin, and have found all three to be just fabulous, but will likely stick with the blue/hydrating formula.  You can order this product at Beautylish or Amazon.  After cleansing, I use Palmetto derma collagen booster serum.  This magical potion keeps your skin safe from icky stuff in the environment, and contains Vitamin C to promote collagen growth and minimize wrinkles.  It is also sulfate and alcohol-free, and vegan.  I have been using this product regularly for a few months, and my skin has felt more hydrated and radiant than ever! You can find this product on Amazon.

facewashes and serumJ-1For a beauty junkie that claims to be all about keeping my skin super clean, I have somehow been flaking on cleaning my makeup brushes regularly.  Shame on me…what a sicko.  This changed when I discovered the British duo Sam and Nic Chapman, aka Pixiwoos. I am hooked on their amazing and affordable cruelty-free makeup brushes, and brush cleaner.  Their brushes are so fantastic, you will want to clean them on the reg, and added bonus, your skin will thank you!  I have never been patient enough to take advantage of YouTube for makeup tips, until I discovered these babes.  They keep it real, provide the best tutorials around, and have beautiful British accents that are pleasent to listen to…even my husband doesn’t mind me tuning in while he plays his zombie games next to me.  You can find their products at the official Real Techniques site, or Ulta.  My new foundation discovery is Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani.  I’m not usually a big fan of most foundations, but this ultra-smooth formula beautifully enhances your skin’s natural glow.  My tip…ask an expert at Sephora to first match your shade, then kindly ask for a sample, so you can try it out for a couple days before committing to the full size.  I rolled this way, and the generous sample lasted me a solid couple of weeks! True talk y’all, I could live in Sephora!

makeup brushes foundationJ-2And finally, a few of my beauty staples, that I could not live without! Bliss hide and glow sleek…a tinted, firming body spray that instantly perfects skin with a natural luminous glow.  When I am showing my legs and don’t have a spray tan, this stuff is seriously my best friend.  Mac blot pressed powder…the perfect compact to carry in your handbag to zap shine in a flash, check your lipstick/food in the teeth situation, and the powder finishes with subtle sheer coverage.  And last but not least, basically the whole line of Benefit eyebrow products.  I recommend bopping in your local Benefit, and having one of the expert brow masters do you up, and you can decide from there what’s best for you.  A strong brow is a game changer y’all.


Photos by Olivia Szwarc…it takes a real special friend to take photos of your makeup;) Love her!

What are y’alls favorite products?! I would love to hear what you can’t live without, as well as any beauty questions or requests you have for me!  Thanks for stopping by beauties! Have a happy weekend!

image “Happiness is new cosmetics…many of them.  Also…this boy.”~ deep thoughts by me;)


Julz Chez

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