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Self Love…Cancun style

Hello loves!  I hope you fellow Midwesterners are surviving this full-on winter situation! Today I am attempting to warm y’alls up, by sharing sunny sky photos from my recent getaway to Mexico. My husband and I snuck away last week to enjoy toasty temps, warm ocean water, and insanely delicious seafood in Cancun.  A last minute opportunity came up for us to get away…and we jumped on it!

The 3 hour travel to Mexico was easy as pie. One look at the neon-turquoise water, one step onto the soft white sand, one sip of our first watermelon mojito, and it was game on.  Cancun is so vibrantly beautiful, it looks photoshopped! We stayed at the Westin Lagunamar, quietly located in the heart of the city. Our spacious room included a cozy kitchen, living room, and ocean view balcony.  The setup was perfect for us.  We quickly began referring to ourselves as Chezican’s, and considered this space to be home for the week. The service was ridiculously wonderful.  It only took about a day before male workers were shouting, “Senor Chez!” and high fiving my husband.  Vacation party on!

Let’s talk serious stuff now y’all…what did I wear?! I had 2 serious fashion missions going into the trip; operation find the perfect swimsuit cover up, and operation find bombshell new shades.  The sunglasses situation was easy, I have been dying for a pair by Chloe.  I have a pair of knock-offs I scored at a vintage shop, and I am obsessed with them. The first time my husband saw me wearing them he said, “Those should be ugly, but they are really cool.” Boys. I used my birthday money to bring on the real Chloe deal. Chloe shades are retro inspired, and infused with modern day glam. Love. But still hanging on to the cheap-o’s…I rocked them on our “adventure” day (losing my Chloe’s would be beyond heartbreaking!)  For my swimsuit coverup, I went with this beautiful white lace number from an Australian line, Lioness.  I loved the movement of this piece walking along the beach!

For my pre-vacation beauty prep, I treated myself to eyelash extensions.  So perfect for a trip, these bad boys allow you to put on makeup in no time! A little bronzer and lipstick and you are ready to rock.  I recommend Amazing Lash Studio to my Chicago babes.  First time guests are offered a full set of lashes for $79.99 (regularly priced $250!) So worth it!

A couple new dresses were in order as well. I have been eyeing this resort maxi from a fabulous designer, The Jetset Diaries, for a hot minute. It was on sale, adding extra incentive to pull the trigger, and the dress exceeded my expectations.  Great true to size fit, super feminine, and again beautiful movement.  I wore this dress on night two where we dined at Cenacolo, amazingly delicious Italian eats (so delicious in fact, that my husband spent the day we returned home in the kitchen recreating the bolognese pasta!)  Our other favorite food spots were Harry’s and Fred’s….out of this world steak, lobster, and dirty martinis, all at a great value. Fine dining in Mexico rules!

jetset-diaryjulie-couch-1For Love and Lemons is one of my all time favorite designers. Unfortunately the styles are much more California cool than chilly Chicago. And so the trip was a great excuse to order up this mod style from their latest collection.

I resisted new swimwear shockingly…when you live in Chicago, you only need so many bikinis!  I love my one pieces by Noelle, and separates from Amuse Society, Vitamin A, and Wildfox.  Side note…I am soaking in Neutrogena SPF 70.  Protect your skin beauties, spray tans for life!

So my husband took pictures of me all day, and treated me to divine dinners every night…fact. In return, I had to throw my man a compromise bone. He is a fearless monkey; loves driving race cars, shooting guns, skydiving…the list goes on. I am a cautious cat; scared of heights, roller coasters…and most things:) And so in the name of “I will do anything for love,” we spent a full day swimming in caves, driving ATV’s, and the big boy…zip-lining.  I thought this would be a one shot 45 second event, in which I could shut my eyes, and do my best to blackout. Instead, it was a 12 series course, each zip-line being higher than the next.  My husband took a slow motion video clip of us in action, and my terrified screams sounded what we imagine a cow to sound like dying! Despite my fear, it was a great time.

Me on the zipline VS my boy on the zipline!

Me on the zipline VS my boy on the zipline!

Celebratory post adventure day beers! (wearing the knock off Chloe shades:)

Celebratory post adventure day cerveza’s! (wearing the knock off Chloe shades:)

Travel can be just around the corner y’all.  If the opportunity strikes…take it! Life is short, and the world is wide.

In the meantime…bundle up snow bunnies!


Julz Chez


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