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Shop Local Loves! Darling gifts, bombshell braids, and food delivery!

Hello loves! I am shockingly not checking in today to share cute clothes. I love finding local businesses to support, and today I am sharing three of my current favorites.  First up, M2 boutique for fabulous gift shopping. Like any normal human being, I love receiving presents.  As much as I love the thrill of opening a pretty present, I love giving a great gift even more!  I get great joy searching for unique and personal gifts for my loved ones.  I recently attended a blogger event at the darling Southport gem, M2 boutique, and I can’t rave about this place enough. Gift giving paradise!  Housewarming gifts, gifts for men, brides, bachelorettes, babies, moms to be, yourself….this place is everything!  The shopping experience is also fabulous.  The space is bright and cheerful, and the staff of lovely ladies are super sweet and helpful.  In fact they are so sugary sweet, they are offering $10 off your first purchase when you whisper the secret code…XOXO Julz Chez!  Here’s a peek at the bundle of goodies I left with!

Bombshell braids are just as hot as bombshell blowouts, and they look amazing worn casually with jeans and a sweater, and ultra chic when paired with a cocktail dress for a night out.  I attended a blogger event at the West Loop Blowout Junkie, and was instantly hooked on this fabulous spot.  The lovely ladies on staff serve up signature blowouts, retro polished waves, endless groovy braids, and full makeup applications.  This hot spot is even B.Y.O.B…blowout and bubbly party anyone?  I had my makeup done and hair styled by these babes for a wedding I attended recently, and I have never received more compliments. I highly recommend! Use the secret code XOXO Julz Chez at checkout for 5 dollars off your service Monday through Friday!


And last but not least…let’s talk food y’all.  When I became all wifed up a couple years ago, I quickly realized a regular marriage conversation jams like…”what do you want to eat tonight?” Well, true talk friends, I shamefully don’t cook much.  In my single days I had no problem feeding myself, rarely ever picking up food to go.  Scrambled eggs…veggie burgers….salads…no problem. Well, my hubby unfortunately is not satisfied by a microwaved black bean burger with a string cheese melted on top…weirdo;) And so we started our marriage with lots of romantic Chipotle meals, and regular online orders.  This system came with lots of not so romantic gas, and many arguments regarding bad customer service and goofed up orders.  A friend of mine is the mastermind behind the company Eat Purely, and it seriously has changed our lives! Eat Purely offers healthy, locally-sourced, chef-crafted meals delivered in 20 minutes or less.  You simply download the Eat Purely app to check out the small menu that changes daily, and order up what looks good to you.  All meals are free of chemicals, preservatives, and GMOs.  To preserve freshness, the meals arrive chilled.  And so I preheat the oven and set the table, the food arrives in a crazy fast and friendly manner, pop it in the oven, and boom!  A healthy home style meal is ready in a matter of minutes, with nearly zero cleanup required after.  I like to call it, “fake cooking,” and it’s down right brilliant. Use code XOXO Julz Chez at checkout for 20 dollars off your first order! Here’s a peak at a couple of our favorite dishes!

salmonphoto1steakSupport local businesses loves, Chicago is full of amazing talent!

Go great gifts! Go bombshell braids! Go delicious food delivery! And GO CUBBIES!!!


Julz Chez




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