Skin Care Love Chapter 2: A Medspa Treatment in the Comforts of Home

The XOXO skin care love story continues. I last shared my favorite products I use in my home routine. But one step of the routine earned its very own post. Elevare Skin is a groundbreaking skin rejuvenation system designed to significantly reduce the visual effects of aging through LED and light therapy. This dreamy device provides a MedSpa style treatment in the comfort of your very own home. How I discovered Elevare Skin is quite funny.  After receiving a service at my favorite Chicago MedSpa, Elevare Aesthetics and Skin Care, I went to town uploading the experience to my Instagram story. Smarty pants me tagged not the Spa, but the company Elevare. Oops! They kindly wrote me saying…”thanks for tagging us in your cute videos…but you have the wrong place.” So embarrassing. However, my goof up ended up being a great thing…I was then introduced to this amazing device!

Meet the Elevare Plus, the ultimate anti-aging facial technology.

Super easy to use: charge the pretty little thing up, and you are ready for action. Make sure your face is makeup free, squeaky clean, and dry/product free. Press the on button, and begin massaging your skin with gentle pressure. The treatment head quickly heats up to 107 degrees, providing topical healing that increases blood flow. It is recommended to treat each area of the face for 3 minutes. I wanted to be sure I was best utilizing this fancy schmancy toy, so I contacted the Elevare team with ridiculous questions such as…”is it important to stay on the same area for the whole 3 minutes, or is it ok to cruise around?” The answer is yes, you can cruise, it does not matter. This genius device is foul proof! When you are finished, apply a simple moisturizer, and always be sure to clean the device by wiping it down with a clean dry towel, (do not get the baby wet!)

For best results, use 3 times a week for the first month.  After the first month, one treatment a month is fine, or as you feel needed for your skin. I thought I would flake on making the 3X a week magic happen month one, but I enjoyed the process and results so much, it was a breeze! After using regularly for a full month, my skin felt better than ever. I am by no means claiming to have perfect skin, (hey college tanning beds I loathe you!), but I am lucky to not deal with rosacea, acne, or a major issue. When I was telling the Editor of XOXO, (my mom), all about this miracle device, she responded mom style…”What’s wrong with your skin? Give that thing to me!” I explained that taking preventative measures is so important for anti-aging success.  I know if I continue using this efficient tool, my skin will thank me later in life.  After just a couple of uses, my skin simply felt…better!  And I love that there is no “down time.” Right after using the device my skin looks slightly flushed, and it goes away in a matter of minutes. I have noticed I use less makeup since using the Elevare plus.  I have never been one of those glam girls that rocks it for a Target trip, but I will own up that I don’t often leave the house without powder and blush. As much as I love makeup, it feels so good to be able to not wear any at times, and let my skin breathe!

The Elevare plus is clinically proven and dermatologist recommended.  The dual LED lights penetrate into the skin more effectively than any cream on the market, delivering real results. Yes, the device is an investment.  However, if you do the math on how much you spend a year on fancy face creams and facials, you might be surprised at how much it all adds up.  With this investment, you will be able to give yourself a MedSpa effective treatment at home….forever!  The Elevare Plus comes with a lifetime warranty.  You register your device online after you receive it, and you are set for life.

The wavelength of the Elevare plus can penetrate up to 3 millimeters under the skin.  The Princeton Research division conducted an independent clinical study using live subjects. Within a period of one week, 91% of subjects reported visible improvement. Within a 7 week period, 100% of the subjects reported dramatic visible improvement. Score professional results in the privacy of your own home, in the comfort of your favorite bathrobe.

Photos by Josh Fenney photography

“Your skin is an investment, not an expense.”


Julz Chez

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