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When I entered the bloggersphere a couple years ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into.  I remember saying to my hubs; “There aren’t many Chicago bloggers…the big dogs are mostly in Cali and NY.” HA! Little me had oh so much to learn. I quickly discovered there are loads of Chi-town blogger bees. Navigating the obstacles of networking and social media in a big city is way scary.  I’ve had the good fortune of becoming great buddies with many fabulously inspiring women to help make the learning process FUN!  Today I’m sharing those babes and their blogs with y’all.

Babe number one is Marlena Begier, the beauty behind  Style your Passion.  We started our blogs around the same time, and refer to ourselves as Blog Wives:)  Marlena is confident, kind, and always keeps it real.

Next up we have digital dolls Caitlin (blondie) and Dani (brunette), the sparkly duo behind  Once Upon a Dollhouse. I was lucky enough to be seated next to these human unicorns at an event last year, and we became fast friends.  They have taught me to always enjoy the art of playing dress up, and that you are never too old to rock a bow, or to coordinate outfits with your best friend. Here they are sporting my husband’s band tees at a makeup party I hosted…genius.  Their glittery personalities are also crazy hard working, and they have turned their blog into a full time career. Goals!

Caroline Taft (brunette beauty far right) is the creator of her fantastic food blog, The Brazen Gourmand.  Caroline is a fascinating gal…she is a U.S. Army Reserves Intelligence Officer, Military graduate, photographer, and blogger!  I was tagged by her in photos from an event she hosted on Facebook, and my mom could not get over how gorgeous her food shots were.  Visit Caroline’s blog for great food inspiration!

Meet Lauren, the bombshell behind her style blog Big Blonde Hair.  Her tagline is, “just a ma’ trying to look like the nanny.” So good. Lauren specializes in celebrity styles and the chicest children’s clothing and decor.  She is also sugary sweet and down to earth.

The way I am looking at this next beauty sums up how I feel about her.  Meet Christine, the creator of Rescue in Style.  Her site is dedicated to spreading awareness of animals looking for homes.  She showcases the animals while rocking great classic styles, making rescuing more fashionable than ever. Genius!

When I first launched my blog I made a rookie mistake…asking a big shot blogger to coffee.  The big dogs are beyond busy AND my gal is also a mommy of two littles. Oops!  Lucky for me, Jen Worman of the glamorous style blog Red Soles and Red Wine, kindly accepted my invite and we have been friends ever since.  In addition to her blog, Jen and her sister share a clothing and accessory line T&J designs.  This girl defines the trendy title “Girl Boss!”

Before I met my newest great blog buddy Ami IRL (in real life:), I was intimidated by her ultra grungy, cool girl vibes.  Turns out she is sweet as can be, and we became instant friends.  This small-town gal, turned Chicago fashionista, has been in the Army for 9 years! Visit her blog Klinkerbell for endless inspiration.

Go ahead and let a big shot blogger (or whatever your field may be) know you love their work….don’t just fangirl from afar. Share the love!  Treat others how you want to be treated. What goes around comes around! I could go on and on sharing great bloggers, so I will cut myself off here.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”


Julz Chez

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