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Surround yourself with…comfortable yoga pants!

Hey hey y’all!  I hope you lovelies are all enjoying this gorgeous November weather!  Today I am taking a step away from skinny jeans and booties, to share a line of fitness apparel I recently discovered, and absolutely love.  As much as I adore purchasing trendy pieces and poofy skirts, if you happen to run into me on the street, there’s a solid chance I will be in spandex. That’s just the name of the fitness instructor game.  Fitness instructor or not, just about every girl couldn’t live without her beloved yoga pants.  That’s why it’s critical we find as many cute pairs as possible!  I would be lying if I said I am not a Lululemon fan. I mean, let’s be serious. I walk in the store, and typically want everything.  However, there are so many new active apparel lines available, there are endless great options.  And as darling as many Lulu pieces are, there’s always that risk of standing right next to a gal in barre class, who happens to be rocking the exact same Lulu floral print power V as you.  And well…that sucks!

90 Degree by Reflex is an affordable and stylish activewear line.  The brand’s mission is to create a lifestyle brand that combines the elements of style, comfort, fit and performance.  For my first experience with the line, I ordered two classic outfits; navy yoga pants with a matching top, and a black high waisted yoga pant, with a grey lightweight sweatshirt.  I am one tough critic when it comes to workout apparel…I require not only extreme cuteness, but extreme comfort.  Life is tough enough when I am upside down in a headstand, instructing a group of women how to get their bodies safely into the same posture.  I cannot be bothered with pants riding down, or hiking up!  And so when my new goodies arrived, I took them for the ultimate test drive. I taught yoga in them.  Both pants are super comfy, have a flattering fit, and the big kicker that sealed the deal…they did not move during yoga!  The tops are classic with unique details, and even look great with jeans.  Added bonus…you can score 2-3 pairs of 90 Degree by Reflex pants, for the cost of one at Lululemon. And if you happen to be a shopaholic like myself…you gotta love a deal!

My photographer girlfriend and I had some serious laughs with this photoshoot.  Over a year into this blog, I am having to test my creativity to come up with unique shots!  And so many of the following shots started with me standing there like a dummy crying…”Olivia what do I do?! What can I mount?!”  Enjoy…and stay weird y’all.  Never take yourself too seriously…that’s way boring babes!


I saw this mat by, and I had to have it. I am all for balance. I love to push myself through a grueling yoga practice, and enjoy pizza and wine after!:)

I saw this mat by, and I had to have it. I am all for balance. I love to push myself through a grueling yoga practice, and enjoy pizza and wine after!:)

All photos taken by my girl Olivia Szwarc, at Relax, Smile, and Love Always Photography.

“You can’t buy happiness y’all.  But you can buy yoga classes, and cute outfits to attend them in, and that’s basically the same thing!”~ me


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