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    Fall Fashion Round 2!

    Chicago has been shifting beautifully into fall, making it easy to embrace the change in fashion.  And let’s be serious, the change in season is a lovely excuse to shop for a few…

  • Fashion, Life

    Movie premiere style

    Hi everyone!  I first want to say thank you for supporting me with this blog!  Day one of the official launch has been full of love and encouraging words from my loved…

  • Fashion

    One Piece Wonder

    A couple summers back I had the good fortune of being introduced to designer Noelle Vazzano, a close childhood friend of one of my best friends, and have looked no further for…

  • Fashion

    The rock n roll influence

    I have recently been introduced to satellite radio in both my car and home. Oh so many fun channels and, of course, all the current beats the cool kids are jamming to…but,…