The Buzz Behind Korean Beauty, and the Line I Love the Most!

Skin is in, and this girl has the fever.  I am way more into buying serums than skirts lately. I never feel guilty for spoiling my skin, and neither should you.  Great skincare is especially irresistible when there are so many great new lines emerging on the scene, Korean lines being a front runner.  It’s a well known fact that Korean women take great pride in their skincare and beauty regimes. Most Korean skincare uses unique natural ingredients that focus on prevention and improving the skin from the inside out. Today I am sharing my love for Mamonde, a Korean flower-based line that recently launched in the US exclusively at Ulta Beauty. I am personally sold on Korean and flower based! Inspired by the actual Mamonde Garden outside of Seoul, South Korea, these products are all infused with floral essences, such as rose for soothing, hibiscus for moisture, and narcissus for replenishing.  These products are gentle on the skin, smell fantastic, and are affordable.

My favorites that I have tried thus far are from the rose collection, starting with the Petal Spa Oil to Foam cleanser. Double cleansing is all the rage, and this magical formula does the trick in one single step.  The beautifully smelling formula starts as an oil that gently dissolves makeup and SPF on the surface of your skin.  After first massaging the oil into your skin, dry, add a little water, and a foamy creamy lather is formed that removes excess bacteria as a daily deep clean for your skin.  The first time using this product I used way too much, and could have started a foam party in my bathroom! In other words, a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean AND smelling like lovely rose oil.  The best face wash I have used in ages! Next comes the hydrating beauty water to tone, nourish, and hydrate the skin.  Infused with extracts from 100% organic rose, this multi-tasker smells AMAZING. I love that as effective as the product is, it is also very gentle. If toners give you that irritating stinging feeling, this is perfect for you.

Time for the grand finale in the rose series, the petal purifying bubble mask.  Y’all know I am a serious mask-aholic, and have tried countless varieties. The results of a mask are top priority, but the application and experience are also important. You know the ones that suck to take off or smell gross are always at the bottom of your drawer.  And for that reason, I must explain the magic of this mask application.  The pretty pink chiffon-texture feels fabulous on the skin, and it quickly transforms and starts bubbling!  My kinda science…it is so cool!  Formulated with real rose petals, this mask moisturizes while helping to improve skin that’s been exhausted from environmental factors. Awaken a bubbly, rose-kissed glow in just 60 seconds.  And yes you guessed it….it also smells amazing!

Another great product in this line is the Floral Hydro Cream, a water-light, refreshing gel-cream formulated with narcissus extract that deeply hydrates and plumps the skin.  Suitable for all skin types, and recommended for oily-to-dry skin types or during the summer months.  The Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask is another gem that will redefine how you beauty sleep.  I am all in favor of sleeping masks, I find them to be genius.  What better time than a full nights rest to treat your skin? The cool water gel texture of the mask replenishes skin so you wake up to a glowing and hydrated complexion.  If you are new to overnight masks and the idea is daunting,  know that this product is not at all sticky, and quickly absorbs into your skin (not your pillow case).  As deep as my love for masks is, serum is the MVP of any skincare lineup.  Serum delivers concentrated active ingredients deeper than any other product, and can be a skin game changer.  Mamondes Floral Essential Serum blends natural hydrators and antioxidants to balance skin’s condition for a healthy, smooth complexion.

It’s also critical to me that my products are packaged in a pretty manner.  Call me crazy, but I enjoy organizing my goodies on my vanity just as much as I love using them.  This line is packaged effectively and beautifully!  If all these products sounds fabulous and you don’t know where to begin, Ulta beauty carries a couple of great valued gift sets.  The Floral Energy Discovery Set and The Trio Of Multi-Maskers are the two sets I started with and love.

Through years of careful research, Mamonde has discovered the vital secrets of flowers and herbs.  I personally suck at keeping plants alive, but I have been great at using these products regularly, and I can’t recommend them enough!

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”


Julz Chez

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