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The Magic of Marfa!

Howdy y’all! A couple weeks back, my girlfriends and I traveled to Marfa Texas for a long weekend of desert fun. This was my second time visiting this artist hub, located in the middle of West Texas.  Check out my past post, Urban Cowgirls, for a peek into my first visit.  My girlfriend Katie’s parents are awesomely artsy, and so wild for the quirky town, they own a vacation home there. My lady loves and I have shared so much Marfa fun, we all jumped at the chance to return. This time we added a twist to the girls trip…my man came along. 4 crazy ladies and one tattooed KISS fan…let the party begin!

With less then 2,000 residents, Marfa is known as a quirky and artistic town…and a great place to escape from hectic city life.  Our gang flew into El Paso, and then hopped in our rental to road trip our way to our “off the beaten path” destination.  A must stop on the journey is a visit to Prada Marfa…a stand alone store in the middle of the dessert. So weird…so cool.  As I just typed that, I realized that description is essentially Marfa…totally weird, and 100% cool.

The vibe of the town is relaxed, quiet, and friendly.  After a couple days of wandering around, you will know dogs by their first name. How rad is that?! Marfa is famous for its many amazing art galleries.  A visit to the Chinati Foundation is a must to admire the work of Donald Judd, a large driver behind the arts community in Marfa.

A fresh new activity for the urban cowgirls, (plus one husband), we added to our Marfa menu this visit…a night stay at El Cosmico. Aka…”glamping.”  A night stay in a cozy teepee, on an 18-acre campground under the stars. Our adventure landed on a rainy Marfa night.  We had the best of times drinking wine and chatting fireside…but the quality of actual sleep was a bit dicey. The husband summed it up well the next day as we rolled out, (exhausted), in our rental. “I am cranky now ladies. But later, I will be very happy we shared this experience together.”

Moving on to what I do best…FASHION. One of my favorite activities in Marfa is ironically my favorite pastime, shopping.  Not just because the local boutique owners are so friendly….but also because I adore all the gems I have scored in this town.  Straight away, I knew my cowboy needed a hat.  We found his perfect hat at one of my favorite Marfa shops, Communitie.  Dude rocked it all weekend, and it was wildly well received.  I purchased these little pink glasses at Ashley Rowe, and took them off basically just to sleep during the whole trip. Love! Not that this girl ever needs an excuse to shop, but I do love a piece associated with a great memory. I know these glasses will be a regular in my rotation, and I know they will always remind me of this amazing trip.

Also from the fabulous Communitie shop, this gorgeous slip dress by Organic By John Patrick. I love the fact that the material is meant to be wrinkled, making it a perfect travel piece. Another fun fact: the owner informed me AFTER I purchased the dress, that Beyonce, Rihanna, and Scarlett Johansson own the same number! Styled again with the groovy pink shades from Ashley Rowe, that I lived in all weekend.

Moving along to my favorite Marfa purchase of this trip, this bombshell jumpsuit by Garbo. Love at first sight. I stumbled into her one day shopping with the ladies, but didn’t pull the trigger. I knew I would be back. Luckily my man was a few drinks in, when I tried it on for him later that day. Mine! The overused “obsessed” expression has never felt so spot on. And in true Marfa form, I stumbled into the actual DESIGNER the very next day cruising around before dinner. Be still my Marfa fashion heart!

As much as I adore Marfa shopping, I of course had to come prepared with some stylish Western wear. Show me Your Mumu is one of my longtime favorite designers, and oozes the chic cowgirl vibes I was going for. This “Howdy” sweater is so cute and cozy. My flare pants are also by Mumu. They make the best bells in the biz!

The air B&B we shacked up at had a pool…so a new suit was naturally in order. This leopard one piece, also by Show me Your Mumu, is so chic and comfortable. Bonus: the beauty doubles as a great bodysuit styled with denim.

Akira is another one of my longtime favorite shopping destinations. I stumbled upon these boots a couple of weeks before our trip, and had to have them. So good…so unique…and they look great with just about everything. If you follow my blog, you know I am a loyal Akira jean short fan. Denim shorts seem like a simple situation…but the fit can be so tricky! I find most styles to be either too baggy, (or as the husband says, dumpy), or way too short and bootylicious. Akira simply nails the fit. Their styles are super cool, and their price tags are legit.

Wrapping up this Marfa love story with some random fun photos. First up, Joe Davis. My girl Katie’s uber talented and off the charts cool Dad. Featured behind us, his one of a kind kick a** art.

My boo Erin, and her goat friend.

My very favorite crazy cat lady, my husband.

Marfa sunsets, so dreamy.

Until next time…


Julz Chez

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