The Urban Cowgirls present…The Magic of Marfa!

Howdy y’alls! Today I am sharing tales from my first journey to Texas!  I had the good fortune of spending Labor Day weekend with my lady loves in Marfa, Texas.  I would likely know nothing about Marfa, (other than the Prada Marfa sign so many fashion bloggers showcase looks totally cool), if it was not for my long time girlfriend Katie, and her awesomely artsy parents. Katie’s folks are eccentric, warm, passionate, and so wild for the quirky town of Marfa, they own a vacation home there.  They welcomed 5 of us girls…which her Dad referred to as “The Urban Cowgirls,” into their Marfa home for the long weekend, while they camped out at a nearby hotel. Marfa was unlike anywhere I have ever been, in a wonderful way!  The sub-2000 population town was an army post during the wars, and is now kept alive through a thriving contemporary art scene.  The town is peaceful, historic, and inspiring!

The 5 of us Urban Cowgirls are all college sorority sisters, and longtime great friends.  Over our many years of friendship, journeys to explore new cities and countries has been one of our favorite pastimes. In the spirit of Texas, we organized matching Prada Marfa tank tops, broke out our cowboy boots, and we were off to destination El Paso.  From there we rented a ride, and began our 3 hour road trip to Marfa…stopping only for a quick bbq brisket lunch, and a photo session at Prada Marfa.  While it looks just like a Prada store, it is actually a piece of art.  A shell of a building, in the middle of the desert, with nothing else surrounding it on the highway.  An iconic piece of the Marfa experience, and the perfect introduction to the city, especially for a fashion obsessed gal like myself!

Never too old for matching shirts y'all!

Never too old for matching shirts y’all!

Prada Marfa!!!

Prada Marfa!!! Now this is my kinda art!

The Urban Cowgirls safely arrived to what my girlfriend’s parents named, “The Cube,” their cozy crib in the heart of Marfa.  We enjoyed a snack and a cocktail, before stepping out into the town.  I fell in love with the clear blue sky, weathered signage, dusty pathways, and friendly local cowboys and cowgals. After a fabulous dinner (Marfa food is killer!), we hit up the local bar, the Lost Horse, for a few Lone Star beers with the local cowboys…and their dogs. Because only in Marfa, do cowboys BYOD. Yup, they bring their dogs to the bars. Can we say AH-mazing y’all?!

This was how we liked to kick off our nights in Marfa!

This was how we liked to kick off our nights in Marfa!

The Urban Cowgirls outside our Marfa cube! (Aka Katie's parents house!)

The Urban Cowgirls outside our Marfa cube! (Aka Katie’s parents house!)




The next morning the Urban Cowgirls piled into our rental, and ventured over to the Chinati Foundation, where we had a full tour scheduled.  Chinati and it’s founder Donald Judd are the main reason why Marfa has become such a major art mecca.  Judd first came to Marfa when he was in the army, then later returned when he was looking for a peaceful place to create large contemporary installations.  A real deal cowboy named Glen guided us through the breathtaking collection of dynamic pieces, installations, architecture, and furniture, all against the desert landscape and clear blue skies. We took a break for lunch, where I had some of the best falafel of my life from a Food Truck!

image image image image image image imageimage image

The Urban Cowgirls completed our Chianti tour day feeling totally inspired…and ready for a cocktail.  A Marfa ritual for us gals was relaxing on lawn chairs outside the cube, enjoying each others company, and the solitude of the town’s peacefulness.  We quickly began referring to one another as various Golden Girls during this time. I’m Rose if you were curious:) For dinner we picked up 3 large pizza’s to enjoy back at the cube. Later in the evening we hit up a terribly awesome carnival, swung by the Lost Horse, and ended up back at Cube, watching the stunning stars in the clear Marfa sky!

image image

We woke up and headed for breakfast at Buns and Roses.  This diner was everything.  Amazing food, friendly, and where I found my first Marfa souvenir to bring home to my hubby.  Like I’m not going to scoop up my boo a Buns and Roses tee? Come on now y’all!  Note the old men in this first photo. I love them.

image image

We later stopped by El Cosmico, a creative hotel and community art project/a groovy place in a random area of Texas! Time seemed to stand still in this hidden gem.  We enjoyed drinks, beats, and all around good vibes! To my fashion delight, there was a pop up hat shop! I discovered Yellow 108, limited edition headwear, made from recycled materials.  Yes please!  I obviously did not walk away empty handed!  This is my ultimate shopping experience…discovering a new designer, meeting the designer, all while exploring a new city. Love love love!


From there my Texas dreams really came true. We headed to a goat farm…enjoyed a tour of the farm…sampled delicious goat cheese…and…I milked a goat!  And I nailed it. Winning!!!

image image image image

Where does one go from there?! We enjoyed another delicious meal out, pranced around the town taking silly photos, and get this…ended up at the Lost Horse, with Lone Star beers in our hands. Catching on to our routine yet y’all? Of course we again ended the night in the comfort of our lawn chairs, with the stunning stars above us.

image image image image imageimage

And that brings us to our last full day in Marfa!  We started the day with a gorgeous hike, and followed up that healthy activity with massive burritos (this is a vacation y’all!)  After we enjoyed a private tour of the Judd Foundation, where we had the opportunity to enjoy Donald Judd’s amazing art, as well as gain insight on his unique vision.  Our final dinner of the trip was at Cochineal, and it was incredible! Guess where we ventured to afterwards y’all?! Nailed it! One last rendezvous at the Lost Horse to say our farewells.  And don’t think the night didn’t conclude with a round of red wines, out of coffee mugs, back on our lawn chairs, basking in the glow of the shining stars!

image image image image image

A special thanks to my wonderful Davis family, for sharing your passion for Marfa with us girls, and for once again opening your home to me! Also a giant thank you to the longest relationship of my life, my girlfriends.  I love you all!

“Traveling is about finding those things you never knew you were looking for”


Julz Chez

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