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Workout clothes cute enough to wear to brunch+ my go-to protein smoothie recipe!

Hey y’all! I hope you are all great! I am checking in to share yet another adorable workout outfit (one can never have enough) and my delicious and nutritious protein smoothie recipe.  I know my mom and husband are chuckling that I used the words MY and RECIPE in the same sentence:) But first…the clothes!  I have shared my love for NUX activewear in a previous post Fashionable Fitness Apparel.  I have a history of getting on a kick with a few staple workout outfits, only to quickly bore of them and move on (friendly reminder that teaching fitness is my “real job” so I’m always in exercise gear:) I have been wearing NUX regularly now for months and can confidently say it is my new favorite! NUX delivers the perfect balance of fashion and function in styles cute enough to go brunching in post Saturday morning spin.  As much as I value a cute aesthetic, when it comes to workout clothes comfort is the top priority.  I have sampled a wide variety of NUX styles and the commonality is quality fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.  Below I am sporting the Alana Capri in pink.  I love the crotchet cut-out detail and the microfiber fabric is crazy comfortable.  On top I’m wearing the Distance Jacket which I wear at least twice a week. For sizing reference, I am in my regular size small bottom, and I size up to a medium in the sports bras and tops. Chloe shades and Nike sneakers.

All photos taken by my main photo snapping squeeze Olivia Szwarc

And now for my healthy gal smoothie concoction!  If you are into health and fitness, chances are you have experimented with protein shakes at some point. Its also quite likely you got bored (or grossed out) and gave it up.  With the millions of products and theories out there I can’t say I blame you.  Despite working in gyms for nearly 15 years…only recently have I become a dedicated shake drinker.  Like my mom I would rather chew calories than drink them…besides wine of course.  Here’s the mixture I created that has made me change my mind and join the protein shake club!

The 3 key ingredients: 

~2 Scoops Vital Proteins Collagen Whey

A protein supplement can help curb your appetite and cravings, and assist in building lean muscle.  This collagen whey formula aids in joint health, boosts energy, and aids in post workout recovery.  I am a fan of this specific brand for their grass-fed quality ingredients, and the yummy taste!

~One serving of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies.  Benefits from taking collagen daily are glowing skin, joint health, tendon and bone strength, improved digestion, and deeper sleep.  I was personally sold at glowing skin!

~One teaspoon of MoonJuice Probiotics

Probiotics ease digestion and support your feminine health/lady parts:)

Every day (correction every day I’m being healthy), I add these three powders, ice, and almond milk into my blender for breakfast.  If I am off to teach a workout class and need extra energy, I add a serving of yogurt and a dash of instant coffee.  I have been able to keep up this ritual because the shake actually tastes good, keeps me satisfied for hours, and I have seen positive results.  I could ramble on and on with this topic so I am going to stop myself here. Don’t be shy to reach out with any questions!

“Practice yoga, drink collagen smoothies, and be nice to people!”


Julz Chez


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