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Workout girl glam!

Hello again lovelies!  I’m back to share a new beauty product I recently discovered and quickly fell for, along with my simple weekday “get ready as quickly as possible routine.” We all have noticed girls that wear makeup to the gym at some point in our lives, and we all love to hate on them. Like seriously girlfriend, is Xsport Fitness really where you are hoping to meet that special someone?! Ew, I hope not.  But as a gal who has worked in gyms for many years, I am aware it is next to impossible not to catch your reflection in the surrounding mirrors at some point in your workout, and your workout is bound to be more inspired if you don’t hate the way you look.  The great Elle Woods taught us long ago that if you look good, you feel good!  So here I present y’all my simple steps to gym girl glam!

~EYES! Step one…curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.  Always. This is a great way to quickly make your eyes look bigger, and more awake.  Next, apply one or two coats of mascara, my current favorites are Two Faced Better than Sex (sorry mom I didn’t make up the name!), and Lancome everything.  Finish by filling in your eyebrows, this will quickly make a dramatic change in your look. My favorite products for this step are by Anastasia and Benefit.  Boom, that should have taken all of 3 minutes, and made a bombshell of a big difference to your appearance!

~SKIN! This is the major area of concern when wearing makeup while being active. Working out with makeup on your face is not great for your skin, and especially becomes a problem when you let that makeup sit on your skin after the workout, while you go brunch with your lady friends (every girl has done it!) This leads me to the new product line I first mentioned I have been loving, sweat cosmetics. Sweat’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved formula is SPF 30, free of oil, and is water-resistant, allowing you to sweat without clogging your pores.  I use the mineral foundation in shade 200-medium white to olive.  Added bonus, the packaging is super functional, super cute, and the twist brush is antibacterial-coated.  This product will not give you the strong coverage a standard foundation may provide, but it’s the perfectly healthy product to smooth out your skin tone while you workout, and the coverage is easily buildable.  You can find Sweat cosmetics at FitBoomBahwhere you can also find the Matcha tea and face cream I covered in my previous post.


sweat makeup applyJ-5_edited-1~LIPS!  This step is the easiest way to amp up your workout girl look, with no fears of clogging pores or causing acne.  My standard daytime lip routine consists of Mac lipliner in Spice (a great neutral base), followed by a light gloss, Nars gloss in Orgasm is my longtime fav.  Another great option is a lipstain, I am loving Sephora brand #5, Infinite Rose.  This stuff stays on amazingly well, comes in a variety of fun colors, and the price tag is much kinder than the YSL stain I used to be hooked on:) My only complaint is that it can be a bit drying, so I apply a clear gloss on top, for moisture and shine. My pick is Wet and Wild megaslicks in crystal clear, which you can find at Walgreens, and costs a big 99 cents.  I have been slicking this potion on my pout since 7th grade, and I’m still a fan!

Woot! You are looking fresh and fierce, and almost ready to conquer your favorite workout class.  Luckily workout wear is hotter than ever, and there are endless great options for stylish spandex.  The leggings I can’t stop wearing lately are by Koral.  They look fantastic, feel amazing on, and you will look mad stylish running errands post workout.  My cat loves the silky texture, and he’s a really particular guy;)  You can shop these gems in various styles and colors on the Koral site, as well as Shopbop, and Revolve.  On top I have been loving my camo tank by Z Supply.  So soft and comfy, and it also looks great with denim.  If you are like me and mostly workout barefoot practicing yoga or pilates, wedge sneakers are a great look to cruise to class in.  I scored my Ash wedge sneakers a few years back, and I still adore them.  If you are an always accessorise kinda gal, I suggest rocking a choker with your active girl attire. Chokers are 90’s comeback kids back hotter than ever, and they won’t knock you in the face while you are holding a plank.  All the chokers I have been rocking are by Ettika, fabulous quality, and uniquely gorgeous styles.

Birds of ParadiseJ-10_edited-1

All photography by the lovely Olivia Radziszewski, at Relax, Smile, and Love Always Photography.

8angle posehandstandJ-14_edited-1

I will leave y’all with a shot of my cat son enjoying the comforts of my lustrous leggings!


“I continue to amaze myself with how quickly I can get ready in 15 minutes.”~ ME

“Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!”~ Elle Woods


Julz Chez

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